• 14 Regional centres
  • 217 Employees
  • 4,2/5 Workplace welfare rating
  • 3700 Clients who went through rehabilitation in 2017
  • 4,84/5 Customer satisfaction rating

Tutoris Oy is a Finnish company offering rehabilitation and care services nationwide.

Tutoris provides speech, occupational and physiotherapy services to people of all ages, and care services to the elderly. Regional centres are in Lappi, Meri-Lappi, North Pohjanmaa, Kainuu, Central Pohjanmaa, Pohjanmaa, North Savo, Uusimaa, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland, South Savo, North Karelia, Kanta-Häme and Southwest Finland. Currently, Tutoris employs over 200 professionals in the rehabilitation field.

High-quality services in the field of rehabilitation and care are provided to social and health care organisations, and to professionals in the field such as the Social Insurance Institution (KELA), municipalities, central hospitals, insurance companies, associations, corporations and private individuals. In Tutoris, there is continual testing and research on lighter, more efficient and more cost-effective mode of operation, in conjunction with developing technology.

One of the most important goals for Tutoris is to become the world’s best workplace for all tutors. This is the goal of the Dream Team venture, wherein teams can develop ways of living, working and being that work as well as possible for them. With the TutorisOsaamo program, employees can develop their own skills throughout their careers, and address their own occupational health concerns.

Tutoris is a pioneer in its field, having introduced the Startti-Matka-Pysäkki® (“start-travel-stop”) model to rehabilitation. In this model, services are planned and implemented in collaboration with clients and service users in the clients’ and users’ own environments.

Tutoris has a concept worthy of development, good partners, a competently-run business, and committed customers who find joy in working together and have great team spirit. Accordingly, it has been honoured as Finland’s best, and Europe’s 15th best workplace. In 2016, Tutoris received a Perheystävällinen Työpaikka (“Family-friendly workplace”) award. The company has also had success in the Suomen Vahvimmat (“Finland’s Strongest”) surveys.

When you are healthy and doing well, working is a joy!

Tutoris’ values

Humane practices
Community and functionality



Tutoris Oy uses the larger part of its profits to develop its operations and further the welfare of its personnel, and every year, it donates part of its profits to social aid causes. Part of its profits are funnelled directly into the staff bonus system, workplace welfare efforts, and the Osaamo project.

Various forms of support for youth and families with children, including e.g. free concerts, have been organised. Deaf performers have performed in support of the dreams of children and youth, and disabled performers have performed to dispel misconceptions about those with developmental disabilities. Through the Plan organisation, the company has “adopted” a child and athletes for whom it provides support. From time to time, the company organises open wellness afternoons, as well as exercise days for selected groups of people. In 2017, Tutoris Oy offered 100 Finnish children the chance to participate in the “R- and S school” (speech therapy training) for free.


The company offers year-round practise- and work experience positions to both students in the field and those still considering and searching for their chosen field. Students are widely employed in summer jobs.

The company supports Finnish education and development to a broader extent as well. The TutorisRahasto fund provides stipends and grants to the logopaedics departments at the Universities of Turku, Åbo, Tampere, Helsinki and Oulu, in order to help address the lack of speech therapy services. In addition to the fund, the company also supports those continuing on to further studies.

Tutoris is involved in the SOTE (social services and health care) reform process, networking with other operators in the social services and health care field, and actively participates in regional developmental and experimental projects.