Virtual rehabilitation

Virtual rehabilitation is one of our new rehabilitation methods, used with speech-, occupational and physiotherapy clients. Contact us for further information on our virtual rehabilitation services:

Kristiina Kotilainen, eTutoris Project Manager
tel. 044 712 1903


Virtual reality is one of our new methods of rehabilitation. We use it as part of our clients’ rehabilitation process. Virtual reality enables active participation in a three-dimensional world created by a computer. There are various different virtual environments offering sensory experiences and immersion in exercises, motivating clients towards progress in their rehabilitation. Practice in virtual reality environments enables the client to begin repeating the task(s) that he/she is practicing without noticing it.

Virtual reality has been utilised in speech-, occupational and physiotherapy.



  • Increased amount of repetition
  • Multi-faceted, motivating opportunities for practice
  • Encourages children and adults to practice
  • Allows multiple different senses to be utilised